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go site Our highly specialized Roof Technology Group (RTG) has spent the past two decades refining a series of best practices and techniques that have proven invaluable when designing roofing systems in some of Alaska’s harshest environments. The three-person team, comprised of John Stadum, Curtis Townsend, and Russ Peissig, brings the experience of more than 450 successful roof design and correction projects as well as expertise in roof technology, weather tightness, building efficiencies, and thermal envelope design. Quality roofing in an extreme climate requires necessary, complex design techniques to maximize performance and longevity. Through new technological developments in the industry, such as infrared, we can use quality control procedures during construction to identify problem areas of heat loss and analyze the performance of a building’s thermal envelope.

go The RTG’s meticulous detailing and consideration for overall roof design allow our clients’ projects to outperform and outlast other building envelope designs. We offer customized services for each project by integrating initial roof investigation, report, design, and construction administration.

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see Our specialized roof services include: 

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  • Infrared Technology
  • Forensic Investigation