United States Coast Guard Housing Replacement, Cordova Post / Cordova, Alaska / 2010

see url The spatial layout of the units and locations of structurally critical elements provided value to the project as they could be competitively bid as either modular, panelized, or stick framed structures. Additionally, offsite unitized construction reduced material exposure and construction in a wet weather environment. All of the 24 duplexes were either 2-3 story homes, designed to be considerate of the lifestyle and environmental context of the region. Kitchen and pantry storage for were designed for large quantities of bulk food and other supplies. Similar storage considerations were given to the ground level closets in order to accommodate outdoor gear and equipment suitable for the climate. The extreme conditions required arctic construction designs for protected doorways, roofs constructed for heavy snow and snow slide offs as well as pedestrian foot paths.  The development received a third-party, LEED Silver certification based on square footage, energy consumption and overall environmental impact. Additional conservation efforts were made to reduce energy usage and costs. Each unit had energy usage meters which allowed for self monitoring of the units electricity consumption levels used for both heat and hot water. The project exceeded ASHRAE energy conservation standards.



Conifer Woods, Laurel Wood Arms, Tanana, and Woodridge Apartments / Multiple Locations, Alaska / 2011-

http://economicforumpbc.com/?nikolasdk=migliori-broker-opzioni-binarie-2018&fdc=98 This 110 unit project was divided into four throughout Alaska, Soldotna, Kenai, Homer and North Pole. Coordinating the successful renovation effort for this multi-site contract required a command of project logistics and creative thinking as each complex included from 24 to 32 individual units as well as permitting and oversight from various agencies and authorities. The Tanana Apartments in North Pole utilized rigid 3 1/2” exterior panels to improve thermal performance known as a remote wall. The enhancements improved air tightness to the units and warranted local HRV systems to maintain air quality. New boilers were added while the units were occupied- adding further complexity to the staging plan. Each of the projects sites were redesigned to include ADA accessible paths to all areas and each building entrance with a combination of ramps, bridges and other means to connect to City sidewalks and accessible parking stalls. A particular noteworthy challenge was to rearrange head bolt heater receptacles to avoid electrical cords from crossing the accessible paths. Entry canopies were utilized to protect the entrances from accumulating snow.

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Birchwood Apartments / Eagle River, Alaska / 2011

follow link This 58 unit project consisted of a major overhaul and replacement both interior and exterior. A unique logistical challenge of this project was involved conducting the renovation while the residents remained in their apartments. The renovation scope was narrowly defined to accommodate this schedule and process. This project required the rebuilding the exterior stairs for safety concerns- the reconfigured staircase design required special consideration to avoid property boundaries and helical anchors were used to support new stairs. This eliminated the need to excavate and undermine the existing foundation and saved the contractor cost and mitigated schedule impacts and enabled the project to be complete in the winter. Site work included increasing available parking and providing an accessible route connecting public amenities with each first floor residence. Several units were reconfigured to meet mobility and sight impaired accessibility guidelines.

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Forest, Northridge, Fir Terrace Apartments / Multiple Locations, Alaska / 2010

Purchase Tastylia Online No Prescription This 124 Unit projects was divided between two sites, Palmer and Kodiak, Alaska. This project consisted of an update and refresh to the exterior of each building as well as a full interior renovation. Entry ways were expanded and the staircases were redesigned as they were not code compliant. This allowed the team to not only address aesthetic concerns and apply a contemporary look and feel but also solve snow drifts and dangerous falling snow. In the course of the Kodiak, Fir Terrace renovation the team uncovered a meth lab on the property. Significant disposal and clean-up efforts were required and this exercise enabled the community to engage in outreach and awareness campaigns against drug use. The efforts of this renovation as well as new property management led to transforming this housing complex into a safe, healthy community asset. The improvement to the residents and the community at large earned the project an award from the City of Kodiak. Additionally, the site work included the improvement of resident parking and also providing an accessible route connecting public amenities with each first floor residence. Several units were reconfigured to meet mobility and sight impaired accessibility guidelines.

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Chugach Manor Senior Housing Complex / Anchorage, Alaska / 2003

here Located in the heart of Anchorage this project renovated all 120 apartments. A technical improvement relocated the boilers from the bottom floor to the third floor to avoid a building code problem associated with boiler stacking. The innovative approach to relocate the boiler also mitigated dangerous ice glaciations associated with falling ice at the main entrance of the building. The relocation allowed for new, lighter and more energy efficient boilers to be installed.

here The old boiler room was rededicated to new air handlers which provide much needed makeup air.  The new boiler room location conveniently tied into a new chiller which relieved some overheated community spaces. Site upgrades included a heated sidewalk at the entrance to connect to local public transportation options. Another heated sidewalk connected this building to its sister building located on site.