State Farm Headquarters

Anchorage, Alaska The Anchorage State Farm headquarters remodel called for a major renovation of their two-story office building. After BDS produced original construction documents and designed the building’s first remodel, we were brought on once again to complete a new design to acomodate a significant change in their management structure. The outcome included reconfiguring the first floor, converting a training center to extra office and conference space, upgrading finishes throughout the building, and installing new cabinetry in the kitchens and break rooms.

source site A brand-new conference room allows the organization to grow with rapid technological changes to better represent State Farm. With the addition of new supply air troffers, ceilings, and lighting, the building’s interior is now a relevant and modern office space, complete with amenities that increase the longevity of the existing facility by 10 to 15 years. la ricerca di opzioni binarie